The first year associates with Judge Leifman after taking the Oath of Attorney

Today, I had the pleasure of witnessing the swearing in ceremony of my 16th group of first year associates.  Because each swearing in is special, I never tire of watching our newest associates take their Oath of Attorney.  It is gratifying to see them transition from summer associate to associate and begin their legal careers.

We owe our gratitude to Judge Leifman, who presided over the ceremony, in the presence of family and friends.  Judge Leifman took a few moments to share with our associates and their loved ones the importance of balancing their careers with the obligation to give back to the community and make a difference, while sharing his personal journey of  contributions to our community.  We couldn’t have asked for a better ending for The Academy.

Congratulations to Ben, Bri & Eric on their admission to the Florida Bar and their successful matriculation from Bilzin Sumberg’s Academy!!  We can’t wait to see how they contribute to our firm and community.