Week 1 of The Academy is in the books, and Ben, Brianna, and I are looking forward to Week 2. We are especially looking forward to taking the Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar and celebrating with our families and colleagues.

Last week our program focused on a broad spectrum of topics, including time-management and professional networking. But the primary focus was on our firm’s culture and commitment to community service. In addition to building our technical proficiency as attorneys, our firm seeks to mold us into leaders who give back to our community. We therefore spent considerable time learning about the various organizations and community projects that our firm is affiliated with.

In fact, Ben, Brianna, and I had the opportunity to spend time with our firm’s managing partner and founding partners over dinner to gain insight into the history, culture, and future of our firm. As part of the discussion, they encouraged us to seek leadership roles with organizations that promote causes we are passionate about.

My colleagues and I are certainly excited for these opportunities. This week, for example, we will visit and learn about more organizations that our firm has partnered with to make our world a better place. We therefore look forward to becoming actively involved within our community