Our group on the field at the Hard Rock Stadium

We have reached the conclusion of another exciting day at Bilzin Sumberg’s Academy! Today was an opportunity for us as incoming first-year associates to sharpen our skills, spend time with other attorneys in the firm, and just have some flat-out fun after having a chance to learn more about getting involved in our community yesterday. Eric, Brianna, and I had two major events on our schedule for Day 4: an extensive morning session with Ed Lintz of Ready to File Writing, and an afternoon trip to Hard Rock Stadium for a meeting with Myles Pistorious, the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Miami Dolphins (fins up, baby) and Hard Rock Stadium. Given that I’m an incoming litigator, and thus likely to be spending a lot of my time researching and writing, and that I am a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, this was a day I circled from the time we got our schedules for the Academy as one that I was particularly looking forward to. It did not disappoint.

One thing that I can assure you is that there is no need for your morning coffee when you’re working with Ed Lintz. Ed is a human energizer bunny, an exceptional teacher, and a great person who has a quality about him that truly makes you enjoy the process of working on writing. Our workshop with Ed covered a broad range of topics pertaining to legal writing and the practice of law as a young associate, and I feel more prepared now to dive into the deep in next week. We were thrilled that Ed joined the three of us for lunch at Obba Sushi, which is one of the many great restaurants conveniently located a short walk away from our office.

When we returned from lunch, it was time to hop onto the bus for us to travel to Hard Rock Stadium. We were a party of eleven all together, including the firm’s Managing Partner, Albert Dotson, Myles, Marcus Bach Armas (legal & government affairs attorney for the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium), and Brandon Briggs (associate counsel for the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium) greeted us when we arrived through the gate at the stadium. The three of them spoke to us for a little bit about their careers before showing us an in-depth media presentation on bidding for major sporting events. As if speaking to Myles, Marcus, and Brandon in a suite overlooking the field at the stadium wasn’t already cool enough, Myles and Marcus graciously took us on a tour of the stadium afterwards. It was a dream come true to get to walk on the Dolphins’ field, go into their locker room, and get an insider’s look into the recent renovations. There is no question that the stadium looks amazing, and it is clear that the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium have put together a great legal department. Thanks again to Ed for all the help, to Myles, Marcus, and Brandon for hosting us, to Jessica and Al for setting the trip to Hard Rock up, and to Bilzin Sumberg for putting together such a great Academy experience for us.