This past Thursday, the Summer Associates and I joined the Real Estate Practice Group for a Cuban Cocktail Mixing Class with Miami Culinary Tours. Armed with mint, soda, and, most importantly, rum, and guided by our host, Grace, we embarked on our virtual tour of the two most famous cócteles cubanos— the Cuba Libre and the mojito.

First, we mixed rum, coca cola and lime to make the Cuba Libre. While we sipped our creations, attorneys decorated the Zoom dashboard with panama hats and shared stories of their favorite vacations. We learned that Sarah Herald has been to all 50 states, and that rum reminds Jessica of the time she visited Puerto Rico.

For our second round, Grace taught us how to use mint in an aromatic, refreshing mojito. Now a drink deep, people discussed their dream vacations—trips to Italy, Argentina, and Alaska—most of which got postponed due to COVID-19.

When our culinary tour ended, the other Summers and I agreed that (1) this cocktail-making class was a great way to learn more about the Real Estate Practice Group, and (2) that everyone in the group has amazing travel experiences. We all had such a fun time that it was easy to forget we were all at home on Zoom, and instead felt like we were together in the conference room, competing over who mixed the best mojito.