Trivia Night with the Litigation Practice Group

Wednesday night the Summer Associates had our first social event with a Practice Group. Trivia Night, hosted by Carl Boccuti, had us split into groups of 4-5 with the Litigation Practice Group to compete for the ultimate prize, bragging rights for the rest of the summer. The questions included everything from Rihanna’s birthplace to the current location of the Parker Probe. The deciding point came down to figuring out the three youngest U.S. Presidents. After four rounds of challenging questions, the Best Looking Team (comprised of John Trach, Kenneth Duvall, Kayla Hernandez, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez, and Lori Lustrin) took home the gold!

Throughout the game, we were put into breakout rooms to choose our answers and input them into the answer sheet. My team consisted of Lucas Pizzutti, Brianna Sainte (my mentor), Desiree Fernandez, and Shalia Sakona. After some discussion, we decided on the team name “B.L.S.S.D.” as an acronym for our first names and hopefully a predictor of our performance. Woven into the discussions about our answers were some anecdotes. We got to learn more about one another, like Brianna’s budding plant collection, Desiree’s past visits to the Brandon Mall, Shalia’s recent visit to Mexico, and Lucas’ science knowledge. At the end, we took home the silver medal just barely missing the Best Looking Team.

In the main room, you could hear everyone’s reactions to the correct answers being read aloud by our moderator. The different cheers, “oohs,” and laughs simulated what it would be like to have a trivia night in person. A difficult feat, but something that was accomplished by Jessica Buchsbaum’s and Betsi Cobas’ incredible planning skills. Everyone ended the night congratulating the winning team and reflecting on a competitive and hilarious virtual trivia night.

I know this event left me excited to spend time with more Practice Groups and I can’t wait to continue the trend with the Corporate Practice Group in a few weeks!