The Kahoot! leaderboard with Danielle Hall (Queen D) coming in 1st, Nathifa Parker (Tifa) coming in 2nd, and John Trach (John) coming in 3rd.
The Kahoot! leaderboard with Danielle Hall (Queen D) coming in 1st, Nathifa Parker (Tifa) coming in 2nd, and John Trach (John) coming in 3rd.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that competition runs deep at Bilzin Sumberg. No, that’s not in reference to the work environment, which has been exceptionally collaborative, but instead the different activities planned for this summer. Take for example our in-person scavenger hunt at Brickell City Centre or our virtual trivia night with the Litigation practice group. The most recent iteration of the firm sparking our competitive nature was the Summer Associate Two Truths Kahoot! event.

On Thursday night, the Summer Associates gathered virtually for a Kahoot! game night. Jessica Buchsbaum served as our game master and asked us to send our two truths ahead of time to prepare for the event.

The game started with David sharing his Puerto Rican heritage and a photo of his abuela. After question one, David obviously had the lead with John following closely behind. Other truths included Joe meeting Justin Bieber in Sao Paulo, Danielle riding a jet ski in Mexico, Lucas finishing making macaroons from scratch at 3:30AM, John’s first time on Brickell Ave. being for a commercial, Nathifa liking uncooked baked goods over their cooked counterparts, and Jessica being quoted in the Economist.

Eight questions and a few technological glitches later, Danielle took the lead from John. After Danielle shared that her first job was a tutor at Kumon, we took a brief pause to discuss everyone’s first jobs. The responses ranged everywhere from Burger King to PacSun.

A standout moment for me were the reactions following Nathifa’s truth of unironically loving elevator music. This was the one time where everyone guessed the right person with an uncanny speed. She immediately asked why it appeared so obvious, to which everyone responded that her sentence structure/phrasing gave it away. A minor detail for sure, but something I did not think I would gather about my fellow Summer Associates at week one.

At the end, Danielle won with a considerable lead (just a modest 2,728 points). In her congratulatory speech, she mentioned how she knew David the longest but still managed to learn new things about him. With 12/16 truths correctly guessed, she got a coveted gift card.

The event was a nice way for us to get to know one another more and share some stories about our lives that may not have come up in another setting. It’s strange to think that we all have been at Bilzin Sumberg for seven weeks now and are on our last week. As excited as I am to continue our competitive streak at our Top Golf farewell event this week, it’s hard to do so knowing this summer is coming to a close. As Queen B said (the inspiration for Danielle’s Kahoot! persona – Queen D), “though it’s hard, so hard, we’ve got to say goodbye.”