I logged off my computer, changed into comfortable shoes, and headed to the elevators. With our first in-person event underway, I was thrilled to see my fellow summer associates, explore Brickell, and bring out my competitive side.

The summer associates met in the lobby to leave for the Scavenger Hunt that would include associates from all of Bilzin Sumberg’s practice groups. After seeing the evening traffic in Miami, we realized that a taxi ride or a walk to Brickell City Centre would make us late for the social event. Lucas quickly chimed in, “let’s grab a scooter!” After slight hesitation, we checked the time and opened an app to select our electric scooters. We whizzed through the streets of Brickell while laughing and trying our best to avoid any injuries.

When we arrived, Jessica passed around our tablets and dished out our instructions. Our first task: choose a team name. With the mention of cotton candy floating around, we landed on Team Carnival. We hurried through the tutorial and shuffled to the escalators to begin our first challenge. We didn’t know all of the trivia questions about Florida’s official dessert or the number of alligators in Florida, but we knew that we were determined to win. Team Carnival snapped photos and recorded videos of Alex Barshel pausing for the mannequin challenge, Hannah Lidicker showing us her best dance moves, Nathifa Parker presenting some impressive yoga poses, Lucas Pizzutti putting his vocals to the test, and all of us admiring Brian Trujillo’s intelligence. The other two teams, The Winning Team and Power Squad, proved no match for Team Carnival’s skills to outhunt and locate the stores around the shopping mall.

At the end of the evening, we all gathered around a table at Luna Park for appetizers and great conversations. I learned about Saron’s favorite movie, John’s money saving hack, and Franco’s transition from a law student to an attorney. That evening, my team took home the best treasure possible, bragging rights and a stomach full of joy.