Mary Brickell Village offers shops and restaurants

During orientation, we were told to seek out opportunities to meet with as many attorneys at the firm as possible. We were encouraged to invite attorneys to lunch.

Four weeks later, no one in the summer associate class has ever had lunch by themselves because, although we have been reaching out individually and as a group, attorneys at the firm have been extremely welcoming and have sought us out.

Lunch is a great opportunity to ask valuable questions about the firm and particular areas of interest. However, it also gives us a chance to get to know different attorneys on a personal level and to develop stronger relationships.  Just this week, we learned about Rafael Ribeiro‘s international legal experience, Marty Steinberg‘s experience as a prosecutor, and Eric Singer‘s family farm, among others. 

We have had the chance to explore many of the budding restaurants in the area and some Brickell staples with attorneys who are willing to spend the time answering our questions, talking about our interests, and giving us advice that will not only serve us this summer but throughout our careers.