Here goes nothing! After a long school year of waiting to finally start at Bilzin Sumberg, the summer associate program has officially begun. Better yet, the five wonderful summers of 2014 (Desiree, Jared, Jerry, Moshe, and I) have quickly become friends! We met for drinks at Batch Gastropub in Brickell the night before our first day and have really enjoyed spending time with each other since.

So far, we have attended meetings where we met departmental managers, learned firm policies and were introduced to tons of new computer software.  While orientation has definitely been busy, it hasn’t been without excitement. We got to choose our first assignments!

The assignment pool included some very interesting topics – local issues, large corporate deals and research on same-sex marriage were among the offerings. However, the five of us didn’t want to risk taking an assignment from another who might have had his eye on it.  To resolve any potential conflicts, Jerry suggested that we meet to discuss our first assignment selection. I invited everyone to “step into my office” and talk it through. Luckily, Jared was comfortable sitting on top of a bookcase!

The five of us went through the list, each naming our top assignment choice. Miraculously, no two summers wanted the same one! The 2014 summer associates are surely off to a great start.