Although 2L year was a blast, I must admit that I was counting down the days until I was back at Bilzin Sumberg for the summer! On the second day of my second summer at Bilzin, we kicked off the summer season with a Welcome Event. We embraced the soaring temperatures (by staying inside!), gathering in our beautiful sunlit conference room. The event was complete with incredible wine and cheese and the most welcoming atmosphere.

Partway through the evening, Melissa Pallett-Vasquez invited the summer associates to the front of the room to introduce (and for Crystal Singh and I, re-introduce) ourselves to the firm. Although standing in the front of a room full of attorneys can be daunting, even on your best day, it was refreshing to look around and see nothing but smiles and friendly faces. The entire evening was a refreshing departure from the formalities of typical legal introductions, allowing us to connect on a more personal level and discover some of the diverse interests that make the Bilzin family truly exceptional. In a profession often characterized by intensity and rigor, this lighthearted gathering served as a reminder that balance and camaraderie are essential ingredients for success.

The welcome event marked the beginning of our summer at Bilzin, where we can look forward to nurturing and developing our individual interests in the law, from diving into legal research with the litigation team, to drafting opinion letters and operating agreements on the transactional side. Here at Bilzin Sumberg, the summer associates are not just observers—we really are made to feel like integral members of the team, who are lucky enough to be mentored by seasoned attorneys and supported by a tight-knit community. And of course, we can look forward to Jessica Buchsbaum’s fabulous events, exciting tag-alongs, and the daily lunch adventures!

As we get back into the swing of the summer and reflect on our first week at Bilzin, I have to say, we really are Proud to be Judged by the Company We Keep, and I think I speak for all the summer associates when I say we are so excited to dive into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Melissa Pallet-Vasquez introducing the summer associates.
L to R: Hannah Lidicker, Kayla Hernandez, Daniel Bumm, Spencer Peek, Sofia Siegel, Isabella Durand, Melissa Pallet-Vasquez, Ethan Schwab, Matthew Tieman, Crystal Singh
L to R: Joseph A. Beguiristain & Ethan Schwab
L to R: Mark Meroney, Spencer Peek & Daniel Bumm
L to R: Alani Fraga, Brittany Chung, Crystal Singh, Saron Musa & Nellie Estefania Barcia