This week was full of programming, including two especially memorable events that took place in our office. On Tuesday, the Lean In Miami Circle hosted an event at Bilzin Sumberg for women. Veronica, Naomi, Eryca, Jen, and I made our way to the conference room after our work day to participate in the community event. Our firm’s own Mindy Mora moderated a discussion with a panel of three women who have mastered a work-life balance, financial planning, and other important skills for working women. Alexia Gonzalez discussed how important it was to maintain long term insurance like disability and partner insurance and Gloria Zaldivar discussed saving money and investing early in a 401K. Last on the panel, was a summer associate alumni and Tax, Trust & Estates associate, Mildred Gomez.  Her focus at the event was on documents and resources that aid later-life decisions such as wills and power of attorney. I was surprised by how many women from all over South Florida attended; from practicing attorneys to young business owners and financial planners, the event hosted a range of successful women.

Just a few days later, the firm celebrated Brian Bilzin’s upcoming birthday with a wine and cheese event.  Between a comedic toast from John Sumberg and words from Alan Axelrod, it was amazing to see how well people in the firm knew and connected with one another. Brian ended the evening with a heartfelt thank you, calling the firm his home and saying that he never wanted to leave it. Since the early interview stages with Bilzin Sumberg, I noticed a sense of inherent comfort and closeness amongst the members of the firm. Brian’s celebration only furthered my realization that Bilzin Sumberg is more than a firm, but a family.